You Are The Universe Experiencing Itself

For those that are ready to open the doors, you are united with others who have taken the first steps and the journey will be, if not comfortable, at least not as lonely.

You Do Not Exist


Prepare for potential negative reactions. Yes, some people don’t like to be confronted with the naked truth of their non-existence. However, walk in a crowd and you will notice amongst the confused and lost, an occasional knowing nod from a fellow traveler in the wise ways of reality.

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You're a Verb

You’re not the seer. That is a STORY, an INTERPRETATION. The conscious contact is being claimed by the head. It puts you to sleep to the awareness that you ARE conscious contact.Life is a VERB. It’s just happening. Not TO anyone. Just energy, ripping like crazy. But Self makes a NOUN of itself. A thing. The illusion of being a noun is that everything is happening from outside TO YOU.-Paul Hedderman

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There is Nobody Here

Sure, it seems like there’s a bunch of people doing things. But is there really? Nope, just vibrations at the Planck scale. And what does that mean? It means there isn’t anything but empty space and broken dreams, which includes you!

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You Spend All Day Talking to Yourself About Yourself

Do you think that voice in your head is actually you?

Of course not! We know better than to confuse the perpetual dialog of self-talk as something other than a mental process run amok. But the rest of the masses need to be reminded!

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